Experiences of the previous participants:

“Many possibilities were offered, based on real experience not theory.  These stirred ever deeper questions in me, to realize my own potential and how one could meet every situation in a new way.”

“What really helps today in a fast changing world? And what inner motivation shines from the heart of the consultant? With such questions, the course gave me a new opening toward a new future for myself.”

“The world has become deeper, wider and brighter for me!  A lot of  ’windows of opportunities’ were opened by means of  approaches, tools and mostly, by the people – both the participants and the facilitating group. They created a unique inspiring atmosphere for professional and especially personal development.”

“The CIO-programme gave new impetus to my personality and to my work as a consultant. Many thanks to the facilitating team for the contribution to my development!”

“The methods used and presented were very useful for me and my future work. I have used many of the exercises and methods during the programme and after.”

“I was looking for a different type of approach than my usual work includes. The programme filled that purpose.”

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